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In Moreland, now known as Merri-bek, snakes are a part of life.
Although the city is mainly built up and heavily urbanized snakes live along the creeks and reserves throughout the municipality.


In the inner areas it is mainly Tiger Snakes, but in the north-west you get more Brown snakes, with a few Copperheads thrown in.
All are deadly.

Most snakes are seen in the warmer months, from October to end of March, but they can turn up at any time of year and in any place.
They also have a habit of hitching rides in cars and so literally do turn up in random places!
Best part is that the snakes rarely bite people.
This includes the dangerously venomous varieties
But if you need a snake removed from your home or business, you can get the best snake catchers in Melbourne to your door 24/7 on any day of the year.
There are no Christmas breaks for the local Melbourne snake catcher.
So if you need a snake catcher near me so to speak, then call them and get them down.
To learn more about the local snakes, how to identify them and whether or not you really need to get a snake handler to capture a snake you may see, it is best to check out the snake catcher Melbourne web page and take a good read of what is there.
Stay safe while enjoying the sights of Moreland and if you do see a snake, observe it from a distance and the snake will do the same to you!

Snake Avoidance

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The City of Moreland, now known as Merri-bek includes the suburbs of Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Coburg, Coburg North, Fawkner, Glenroy, Gowanbrae, Hadfield, Oak Park, Pascoe Vale, and Pascoe Vale South. Small parts of Fitzroy North and Tullamarine are also in the City of Moreland.
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