Snake Avoidance for dogs.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

Snake Avoidance

In Moreland, now known as Merri-bek, we are fortunate to have Snake Avoidance training for dogs to keep our pets safe.

In a world first, Snakeman Raymond Hoser and the Victorian Dog Training Academy have developed a Canine Snake avoidance program that actually works.

This amazing program is being used to train dogs across Australia.

Originally conceived 20 years ago, Snake Avoidance works to train dogs to avoid venomous snakes, even in the absence of the owner.

Because it uses venomous snakes of the exact species dogs are likely to encounter where they live, the training works.

It is risk free for the dog because the Snakeman is alone in Australia with the expertise to have vet certified surgically devenomized deadly snakes, which are used in the training. These are snakes rendered harmless by the surgical removal of two of the six saliva glands (the venom ones). The snakes are otherwise normal in every way and they are all fully fanged, but harmless.

Snake Avoidance uses all the deadly snakes from Victoria, including Black, Brown, Tiger and Copperhead, meaning no matter where in Victoria you or your dog goes, your dog will be protected from snake bites.

Raymond Hoser warns against people using DIY methods or fake snake avoidance training being offered by one or more trademark infringers in breach of court orders.

“They teach dogs to avoid non-venomous pythons from northern Australia and the snake aversion training offers no protection against the venomous snakes of Victoria.”

“We know this because we regularly get calls from people who have had fake snake avoidance training and every dog we have got to retrain has never avoided the venomous snakes until after we trained them. … that is, they see a Tiger Snake and they walk right up to it.”

“After legitimate Snake Avoidance training, dogs run away as soon as they see or smell a venomous snake” Snake Avoidance is a three person job, involving pet owner, Trainer from the Victorian Dog Training Academy and the Snakeman or one of his team, their job being nothing more than to watch the snakes and make sure they don’t run off during the training.

The cost is around $500 a dog (2022), which is a steal considering the fact that the devenomized snakes have been valued at $1 million per snake and the training must use these.

It is also way cheaper than a vet bill for a snake bitten dog, which is a bill only the lucky owners get. For most dogs bitten by snakes, they die too quickly to be able to make it to a vet alive.

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