Choosing a location

Moreland’s 12 vibrant suburbs span 50 square kilometres and are home to more than 160,000 people. The municipality has four main industries - health care and social assistance, retail, education and training, and manufacturing.

Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy are our major Activity Centres – busy focal points for our community that have been identified by both the State Government and Council as important and desirable for urban liveability, sustainability and growth. Find out more about Moreland's Activity Centres.

Finding a premises

The Business Moreland team can provide a wealth of information and contacts to assist you to find a commercial property. If you source a suitable property to lease that appears to meet your business needs, be sure to contact Business Moreland before signing a lease. There may be limitations to what the property can be used for and it's crucial to find this out right at the beginning.

The following resources may assist with your commercial property search:

Planning, permits and regulations

Obtaining the right approvals from Council is essential to the success of any business, whether you’re starting a business, expanding or relocating a business, or changing the nature of your business activities.

We encourage you to:

  • Discuss your plans with an Economic Development Officer to ensure that all areas are covered
  • Check with Council to confirm whether a permit is required for some, or all, aspects of your business
  • Submit an application for permit (if required), which can be obtained from Council
  • Provide Council with all required information and supporting material such as plans, reports or even photographs that describe your business precisely
  • Describe the nature of your business. Information that may be required might include - area requirements, number of employees and patrons, operating hours, transport and parking needs and any off-site effects such as odour, noise and general image.

Who to talk to for more information

We can help guide you through Council's processes and assist with your business venture.

But first, let’s work out who you need to to talk to.

Area of Council Further information


Building deals with alterations, demolitions, new buildings or extensions, to ensure that your business meets fire, safety and structural standards.

Commercial Priority Planning

If you’re planning a new business in Moreland, or the expansion of an existing business where the cost of works is greater than $100,000, or where it can be demonstrated that the development will result in a significant increase in local employment, you may be eligible for Commercial Planning Priority. 

Environmental Health

Environmental Health regulates the registration of food and health-related businesses to ensure that all health requirements and standards are met. 

Local Laws

Local Laws regulates and issues permits relating to the placement of outdoor furniture, product displays and A-frame footpath signage.

The unit also assists in regulating car parking across the City, including ensuring turnover of vital customer car parking, and business, residential and disabled persons parking permits.


Planning determines where and under what conditions your site can be used and developed. This can include issues such as land use, parking needs, operating hours, outdoor advertising and external works, alterations and working from home. 

Commercial waste services

Council offers garbage and recycling collection services for non-residential properties, including a standard commercial service and a Commercial Plus service.

Contact us

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Commercial and Industrial Investment Facilitation

Maria acts as first point of contact to advance key commercial and industrial investment projects. Maria supports growing businesses to remain in Moreland, and new investment projects that grow local jobs.

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