About the Shopping Strip Renewal Program

The Shopping Strip Renewal Program (SSRP) aims to help businesses in local strip shopping centres thrive. The aim is to revitalise the area and improve the pedestrian enjoyment, walkability and presentation of the shopping strips.

The SSRP improves the amenity, connectivity and safety for locals and residents, contributes to and encourages local economic development, and enhances the community's sense of place at neighbourhood centres.

The Shopping Strip Renewal Program (SSRP) has come out of the 2011 policy, and is one of the ways we support smaller shopping strips in Moreland.

West Street Hadfield

West Street Hadfield is a bustling, cosmopolitan shopping strip featuring more than 30 businesses. From specialty retail, a full line supermarket and fresh fuit and veg, the strip has a real community feel where everyone knows your name. It's the perfect place to grab a coffee, do some shopping and say hello to your favourite retailer.

Bonwick Street Fawkner

Situated between Jukes Road and Basil Street, the Bonwick Street shopping village is a melting pot of diverse communities and family values. The shopping strip is a hidden gem set against the backdrop of residential housing and community facilities, complete with essential services. Featuring a variety of food offerings, and arguably the best cannoli in Melbourne, the friendly retailers are always smiling and up for a chat.

Current resources and opportunities

  • Shopfront Improvement Program

    A shopfront is often a customer’s first interaction with a bricks and mortar business – either before or after an online experience.

    The Shopfront Improvement Program is an exciting, Council-funded program that aims to improve the visual presentation of shopfronts and the overall look and feel of small shopping strips and neighbourhood centres.

    We will engage a team of shopfront and visual merchandising consultants, to assist participating businesses with designs and recommendations.

    The program involves:

    • One-on-one consultation with participating businesses to develop an achievable shopfront design that fits in with individual business budgets
    • New branding or identity for each participating business to use in their updated shopfronts and for future web and social media marketing of their business
    • A hands-on approach for an instant makeover, with some of the implementation costs subsidised through the program
    • Consistent quality of signage to be demonstrated through the participating businesses
    • Overall improvement throughout the shopping precinct if a high uptake of the program is achieved.


  • Toolkit for smaller shopping centres in Moreland

    Our Shopping Strip Renewal Program toolkit contains a host of useful resources for businesses in smaller shopping strips, including:

    • Health check
    • Ideas, tools and strategies
    • Measures of success
    • Useful links
    • Useful resources

    It aims to help businesses work with neighbours, community and partners to create great local places, with a unique look, renowned customer service, and a strong connection with the local area.

    Download the Shopping Strip Renewal Program toolkit (PDF 41Mb) (English version).

    Download the LOTE versions in Arabic (PDF 23Mb)Simplified Chinese (PDF 23Mb)Turkish (PDF 23Mb) and Urdu (PDF 23Mb).

  • Retail Mentoring Program - 1:1 Coaching

    Moreland City Council’s Retail Mentoring Program offers eligible businesses access to business experts who offer individualised support and training to help grow their online presence, learn new skills in digital management or develop a business strategy. 

    Find out about the Retail Mentoring Program.


Supporting businesses during construction

As with any Infrastructure project there will be some disruption to day to day operations in and around the shopping strip.

There is support available for retailers during construction. Types of business support include:

More information is aavailaible in the Victorian Small Business Commission's, ‘Guide to managing disruption.’


Find out more

To ask us about setting up a business association in your area, contact Business Moreland.

Hayley Rosenboom

Retail Facilitation Officer

Hayley supports retailers in Moreland by facilitating the growth, branding and customer awareness of shopping strips in Moreland. Hayley helps deliver training activities, programs and professional development opportunities.

Phone: 9240 2462
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