Meeum, Brunswick


Since this digital training start-up launched in August 2017, Meeum has quickly established itself as a go-to for entrepreneurs, teachers, parents and anyone who wants to learn to code websites, gain SEO skills and increase their digital literacy.

Meeum tour their classes, day long workshops and multi-day masterclasses, and one-on-one training sessions around Australia.



Business type Digital skills workshops 
Industry Education and training
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 2017
In Moreland since 2017
Core offering Workshops in coding and digital literacy


We believe people empower themselves in infinite ways when they increase their digital literacy,” says Meeum’s co-founder, Sam Hemphill.

Democratising digital technologies is key, he continues.

“We believe that understanding technology is for everyone. Whether someone wants to know how to update their website or understand the steps to take to rank higher on Google, that knowledge should be accessible to all. We don’t make things complicated when they can be easily understood.”

Co-founder Elyse Maberley says that not having a shopfront is a key point of difference for Meeum – and a strength.

“It’s a key differentiator of ours that we don’t have a set premises where all our workshops need to be.  It also gives us a lot more freedom to go and do in-house work with clients who may not be able to make it to a scheduled workshop.”

Elyse and Sam each bring decades of diverse, beneficial experience to the business. 

“Our strengths are in our differences, but also in our similarities,” says Elyse. “Between us we have decades of agency experience working for top-tier clients, and this has set the benchmark for Meeum.”

Before getting into website development, Sam ran a music booking agency and tour management company in Brisbane. He also has an undergraduate degree in education.

“The irony isn’t lost on us that now he tours around teaching people skills to increase their digital literacy. His three previous careers have culminated in this business!”

Elyse has founded and grown businesses to acquisition, mentored teams and began her career in social justice and not-for-profit. Her experience enables her to see opportunities for corporate clients and link them back to strategic business outcomes.

At the beginning of 2018, the pair took a leap and made Meeum their full-time gig. Learning to trust their instincts and being as flexible as possible are two insights into what makes their business work.

“Our first year was one of establishment and finding what fits; that was challenging on many levels. We’ve made decisions that haven’t been profitable when we failed to trust our guts. Now, if it doesn’t feel right, we won’t do it. The ability to pivot and be as flexible as possible, for example by being nimble enough to respond to demand for new workshops quickly, has been a great asset.”

The pair are proud to be doing business in Moreland, and offer regular classes at Brunswick coworking space, PathHunting, and at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute. 


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