Royal Nut Company, Brunswick


This family-owned food manufacturer and wholesaler has been in business for more than 30 years. In the beginning there was just a handful of employees; now there are more than 50, along with multiple production sites, retail stores, and a successful export arm.



Business type Food
Industry Food manufacturing and wholesaling
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 1987
In Moreland since 1987
Core offering

Nuts, dried fruit, health foods and spices



The Royal Nut Company sources, manufactures and supplies quality nuts, nut spreads, dried fruit, legumes and grains, health foods, confectionery, snack foods and spices, and specialises in contract oil and dry roasting, contract flavouring, contract blending and contract packaging.

It offers more than 700 product lines, and prioritises Australian made products. Its goods are sought after by restaurants, chefs, bakeries, chocolatiers, supermarkets, health and specialty food stores in Australia, and overseas.

Thinking of its employees as family has helped the business to grow, says the Royal Nut Company’s owner, Prakash Mirchandani.

Taking care to strategically identify and manage emerging needs in line with business growth has been another key ingredient.

“Starting a business from scratch without much information and knowledge about nuts was a big risk. We started educating ourselves, doing research, and meeting with the right people to become experts and grow this genuine passion for food.”

“And of course, as the business grows, new capability is required. Identifying this and managing it is extremely difficult as it requires us to change the way we've always thought and how we've always done things,” he continues.

“We had a big and challenging transition when we relocated our head office and main production, warehousing and showroom to Fallon Street in 2018, but we are on the right track and excited about the future.”

Prakash and his team – which contains five members of the Mirchandani family – began preparing for the challenge of the export market around seven years ago. Today China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Vietnam are its top three supply countries.

“Exporting is not easy, particularly when it comes to fresh food that can perish quickly. There are a lot of logistics involved, from assuring the products are properly packed and shipped to paperwork and accreditations that need to be obtained,” says Prakash. “We spent months studying international regulations and protocols and most importantly, understanding the eating habits of international clientele. We had to go through meticulous testing to make sure we met the standards; the criteria are very high.”

What’s on the cards for the Royal Nut Company for the coming years?

“We will continue to do what we have been doing over the years, but with a stronger focus on educating our customers about our products and the wonderful benefits they bring into their lives. Our ultimate goal is to be in every Australian pantry, and to position the greatest products Australia has to offer overseas.”


Royal Nut Company 

Image courtesy of Royal Nut Company.