Cantilever Interiors, Brunswick


Travis Dean and co-founder Charlie Wilde started Cantilever Interiors in 2006, after their mutual accountant wondered out loud why they didn’t work together. 

After all, their accountant reasoned, the custom furniture makers worked in the same multidisciplinary studio, and had a number of collaborations on the go.


Business type Kitchen design and production
Industry Manufacturing
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 2006
In Moreland since 2006
Core offering Kitchen interiors


More than a decade later, and their kitchen interiors business is bursting at the seams, with a busy showroom, multiple kitchen designs on offer and 14 staff across the business; a retail and design team, drafting and specification team, production team, installation team and management – all at Cantilever’s Barkly St manufacturing facility. 

Their kitchen designs can be found throughout Australia – mostly in the homes of residential clients but sometimes in larger multi-residential projects or events, like a 2017 branding partnership with The Design Files Open House.

They consider the kitchen a home’s most socially dynamic and emotional space.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home. From a business perspective, it’s also the main player in the domestic design space,” says Travis.

A drawing team, stonemasons, steel workers, painters and hardware suppliers are all part of the collaborative process that the pair love most about their work.

Travis considers the factory’s location a great selling point for attracting staff, many of whom are Brunswick residents.

“The location’s a big drawcard. We’re in amongst other businesses, as well as lots of great places to eat and drink, and we enjoy easy travel with the trains and trams. We can be in the city to meet clients really quickly. Moreland is a great place to do business.”

“Having a distinct product, a genuine approach to our business, and an honest passion about what we do has engaged our audience. Implementing a CRM [Customer Relationship Management system] with a referral service has helped us to understand what is working,” says Travis of the business’ approach to marketing and promotion.

“That said, consistency is key and all marketing efforts are long game strategies, which is fine, because we are in it for the long game!”

So what does the future look like for Cantilever?

“We’re considering investing in automated machinery to increase efficiency and turnover, and that will require a new  factory and additional showroom. It’s a big jump to be considering, but an exciting one.”


Cantilever Interiors

Image courtesy of Haydn Cattach