Harry's Ice Cream Co, Hadfield


Harry's Ice Cream Co has been manufacturing ice cream in Moreland for nearly 20 years. The company’s growth has been so marked that they’ve outgrown their premises in the second half of 2018, with help from a grant moved to a new location in Hadfield.

Growing up in chilly England, Lawrence Harris associated ice cream with summer.

“Winter was winter, and summer was fleeting. So ice cream meant summer – and fun,” says Lawrence.



Business type Ice cream manufacturer
Industry Food and beverage
Suburb Hadfield
Founded in 1994
In Moreland since 1994
Core offering Ice cream and frozen desserts
Website harrysicecream.com


Lawrence never dreamed that in 2018 he, together with brother and business partner David Harris, would own and manage a business that whips up ice cream and other frozen desserts for retailers and restaurants across Australia, and domestic and international airlines.

“We started in a shopping centre, making our own ice cream; five litres at a time. And now we’re supplying over 2,000 retailers, and manufacturing more than 10 million tubs per annum.’

Lawrence considers Brunswick a great place to do business, and knows the power of harnessing great relationships, both with his employees, many of whom are locals, and with neighbours.

“When we first started refurbishing in our Hadfield site, we were aware that we were making a bit of noise setting up – banging and hammering, setting the place up, so at Christmas we decided to send ice cream around to all the neighbours. They seemed pleasantly surprised!”

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In the late 1990s, after initial rapid growth in the retail market, Harry & Larry’s found themselves with onerous responsibilities, mixed success and an uncertain future.

“We had 12 retail stores, loads of staff, difficult leases…things weren’t going that well. Moving to the wholesale market was the solution and landing our first few major suppliers was the transformation we’d been hoping for.”

By the early 2010s, the company was successful, but was again at a crossroads.

“Our premises were fragmented across buildings and not big enough to take up new opportunities. We were operating seven days a week – we were at capacity.”

In 2016, Harry's Ice Cream Co won a $1.2 million grant from the Melbourne’s North Innovation and Investment Fund. The grant has enabled the company to move to its new, upgraded Hadfield location in 2018, and create 30 new jobs.



Image courtesy of Harry's Ice Cream Co