Transit Dance Studios, Brunswick


This world class dance studio has recently landed in Brunswick, and is excited to be bringing its contemporary dance and performing arts focused community, faculty and range of offerings to Moreland.



Business type Dance studio
Industry Creative arts
Suburb Brunswick
Founded in 2014
In Moreland since 2018
Core offering Dance education and venue hire


Transit Dance’s activities include a professional dance company, a youth dance company, fulltime courses for contemporary dance, performing arts and dance teaching and management, youth extension programs and adult dance programs also.

The business launched in late 2014, in Kensington, and has grown rapidly. In the beginning, there were just a handful of teachers and 16 fulltime students. Now, four years later, there are 12 fulltime staff members, more than 40 contractors, over 130 fulltime students spread across three courses, another 50 studying Dance Teaching and Management and 100 students in professional youth programs.

“We have many studio, performance and events spaces for hire, which creates an eclectic hub of creativity and artistry,” says Artistic Director Paul Malek.

In December 2018, Moreland City Council hosted its end of year celebration in the venue, which can host up to 400 guests.

“To have such a wonderful mix of business owners and passionate members of the Moreland business community in our space was a joy,” says Paul, who turned to dance production after eight years’ travelling the globe as a dancer and performer.

Paul co-founded Transit Dance with his mother Karen Malek and business partner Chris Curran, and puts the company’s success down to a strong vision and culture.

“Our core values on what we deliver, how we deliver it and why is integral to how we grow economically and artistically, and how we impact the greater community for the benefit of our industry. I could talk about how we approach strategies within our business model for days, however remaining true to these basics is of great importance in our business moving forward.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been challenges.

“Like any start up, finance is always a bit of a pickle,” says Paul. “It is hard to make the tough choices financially at times, but the day to day results make every sacrifice worthwhile.” 

Employing and attracting the right people is important at Transit Dance.

“You cannot create a united, respectful and beautiful environment without beautiful people to work and create with every day. We are very blessed to be be able to share what we do with such a warm and wonderful community.”

When it came time to expand into larger premises, the team knew they wanted to stay close to the city; ideally in the inner north.

“To find a large space in Brunswick, which is where so many of our community already lived, and to be close to the hustle and bustle of Sydney road, arms reach from the city and still close to the airport for our interstate and international guests was literally the greatest news for us. We are so excited about being a part of this wonderful and thriving municipality.”

Transit Dance

Images courtesy of Transit Dance