Edible Eden Design, Pascoe Vale South


A desire to share her love for creating edible gardens prompted Karen Sutherland to establish Edible Eden Design, a gardening and landscaping consultancy and workshops and education business.



Business type Gardening consultancy and education
Industry Landscaping, education
Suburb Pascoe Vale South
Founded in 2008
In Moreland since 2008
Core offering Edible and native food gardens; consulting, teaching and presenting
Website edibleeden.com.au


Karen Sutherland is no stranger to growing food. She grew her first vegetable garden at the age of eight and has had her hands in the dirt ever since.

She founded her green-thumbed gardening business in 2008, happily applying and sharing her expertise with those keen to create green spaces in their lives – from schools, kindergartens and community groups through to workplaces and home gardeners.

Over the years her focus has shifted from domestic gardens to community spaces, and collaborations and writing and teaching.

In 2018, Karen co-authored and self-published a book, Tomato – Know, Sow, Grow, Feast, which celebrates Australian heirloom tomatoes. The visually stunning book gives detailed organic growing methods and recipes from some of Australia’s favourite chefs.

“The book was a full-time project for two years,” says Karen. “In the future, I’d like to write another book but for now, I’m looking forward to getting back into consulting on domestic projects, creating kitchen and bush food gardens for cafes, restaurants and community projects and teaching and mentoring.”

Karen is enthusiastic about getting people into the garden and helping them to grow their own food, which is why she offers more than just advice. Practical education is a big part of her business offering, so if they’d like to, clients can work alongside Karen and her team to plant their vegetables or prune their fruit trees, learning as they go.

Edible Eden works collaboratively on projects with community groups, schools, kindergartens and government organisations. She has close relationships with the Moreland Community Gardens Group, for example, and Open Gardens Victoria.

Edible Eden also provides internships to local training institutions, such as the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Polytechnic.

Karen is passionate about education and has developed a range of educational plant signs to further people’s interactions with plants. She firmly believes that gardens are the building blocks of a healthy community or workplace.

“When people work at their desks all day, having an outdoor workspace encourages connections and gentle movement. Growing your own food and composting are also concrete ways to lower your environmental footprint.” 

Edible Eden Design

Images courtesy of Edible Eden Design