Taking the next step - with Abigail Forsyth 

Abigail Forsyth is the co-founder and Managing Director of KeepCup, the creative response to the dilemma of disposable packaging that has become a global phenomenon..

Following a successful career as a solicitor at a boutique Melboutne law firm, Abigail and her brother Jamie set up a chain of cafes across the city. Alarmed by the amount of disposable packaging being wasted, Abigail started her search for a more sustinable and environmentally concious way to serve food, and the concept of KeepCup coon became a reality.

Since June 2009 there have been over eight million KeepCups sold and users have diverted billions of disposable cups from landfill.

KeepCup has offices an warehousing in the UK and the USA, and distribution partners in Japan and Taiwan. While servicing a growing consumer demand in over 65 countries arouond the world, the business has stayed loyal to its roots with KeepCup HQ based in Melbourne,


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